Supporting research and education aimed at creating an early detection test for Ovarian Cancer 
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Our Team

The Anne B. Kingsley Ovarian Cancer Foundation is operated by friends, family and volunteers committed to the Foundation’s mission.  We maintain low overhead in order to maximize the amount of our resources invested in achieving our mission. 


We are developing a network of volunteers and financial supporters who want to see us make progress against this terrible disease.  We will also work with other organizations committed to the fight against ovarian cancer as we did in 2006-2007 in partnership with the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation.  This article describes one such partnership.


We have supported Canary Foundation’s research into early detection of ovarian cancer for the past couple of years.  See Canary Foundation’s website for more information on their important work. 


If you wish to join in the fight, visit our Ways to Help/Contact Us page to learn how.


Our Medical Advisory Board will assist us in evaluating grant applications and help to keep us up to date on research trends.  When it’s complete, our Medical Advisory Board will consist of three to seven Board Members.  

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